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What is MyDB Studio for MySQL ?

MyDB Studio for MySQL is a complete solution for database administration and development. The Studio is an integrated suite of powerful database management tools united in one easy-to-use work environment. Developers will appreciate its ability to create/edit/drop any database objects and will find DB stnchronisation, data export/import and other tools extremely helpful. Database migration, BackUp and Restore tools will be of great help to DBAs.

I use Windows OS, but my remote MySQL server operates on Linux OS. Will I be able to use the STUDIO to work with this server?

Yes, that is possible. It doesn't matter what OS the MySQL Server is under, MyDB Studio for MySQL works only in the Windows environment.

What is SSH tunneling?

SSSH (Secure Shell Host) est un protocole utilisé pour augmenter la sécurité de l'ordinateur lorsque l'on travaille avec des systèmes Unix sur l'Internet. SSH utilise plusieurs algorithmes de cryptage avec une fiabilité différente. La propagation de SSH est également lié au fait qu'un certain nombre de Linux comme système d'exploitation (par exemple FreeBSD) incluent le serveur SSH de leur niveau d'intégration.

Pour obtenir de plus amples renseignements à ce sujet, s’il vous plaît, visitez http://openssh.org.

SSH tunnel est une option de connection de MyDB Studio for MySQL est un moyen de connexion sécurisée avec les serveurs MySQL lorsque l'on travaille à travers des canaux de connexion. Vous pouvez également utiliser le tunnel SSH pour accéder aux serveurs MySQL distant, lorsque le port 3306 est fermé pour des connexions externes pour quelques raisons. La connexion via le tunnel SSH fonctionne de la façon suivante. Tout d'abord l'établissement d'une connexion et l'authentification entre client SSH construit en MyDB Studio for MySQL et MySQL distant serveur est effectuée. Puis toute l'information et sortant entre le programme et le serveur MySQL est transmis via le serveur SSH à l'aide du port de communication (d'habitude c'est 22), et le serveur SSH transfère directement cette information au serveur MySQL.

I work behind a firewall (router). Can I use Studio to manage a remote MySQL server?

Yes, you can just check and fill options setting prox mode.

Why cannot I connect to a remote MySQL server?

There could be several possible reasons that prevent you from successful connection to remote database. If the error message says "Can't connect to MySQL server on ‘some host' (10061)" then probably you should check the correctness of port and host name you've entered and also if the remote server is run. It often happens that the port through which the connection is set with MySQL server (normally, it's 3306) is closed for the security reasons by local firewall, corporate firewall or remote server firewall. The remote server port can also be closed by ISP, or TCP/IP protocol support is disabled on MySQL server. Please check this with your system administrator or ISP. In order to avoid this limitation you can use SSH tunnel.

If the error message says “Access denied for user: root@somehost.somedomain” or "Host not allowed to connect to server", then the reason is that the user doesn't have permission to access the database.

I receive the following error message:“Server is gone away…..”.What am I doing wrong?

The most probable reason of the problem is the connection timeout. In this case you need to increase the value of the wait_timeout variable when launching mysqld. The error also occurs in the following cases:

- Somebody (your database administrator) used the KILL sql or mysqladmin kill command to interrupt your query thread.

- You are trying to run a query after closing the connection with the server.

- You are trying to send too large a query to the server, e.g. you are working with very big BLOB fields or the INSERT command tries to insert too many records. You can increase the maximum allowed packet size by setting the max_allowed_packet variable whose default value is 1Mb. If this error occurs during the data import or copy database process, you can lower the value of the "Record count per each data block" option.


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