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Happy new year ! New version of MyDB Studioâ„¢ for MySQL is coming soon ! (01/01/2006)
Happy new year ! The new version of MyDB Studioâ„¢ for MySQL will be released soon !

MyDB Studioâ„¢ was at The MySQL Users Conference 2005 at the Santa Clara Convention Center (20/05/2005)
The MySQL Users Conference 2005 is the largest gathering of MySQL developers and users. The 2005 Conference hosts leading industry keynote speakers, the latest MySQL Open Source technologies, in-depth sessions and tutorials, and an exhibit hall showcasing the latest open source technologies.

MyDB Studio 1.3 released with SSH tunneling support ! (07/03/2005)


  • Add SSH tunneling to secure your connections which allows you to connect even your host doesn't allow you remote access connections
  • Add menu in main window
  • Add proxy settings for internet access
  • Add auto check update at startup
  • Add option to choose font for SQL et PHP editors

Bugs fixed

  • Improve XP SP-2 compatibility
  • Data Editor
    • Imporve ENUM and SET fields
    • Columns are fixed to 250 instead of 100
  • User Manager
    • Bug fix when user nama changed
  • SQL Editor
    • Bug fix> SQL Code template


  • SQL Editor
    • Keywords are case sensible
  • User Manager
    • Add refresh button
  • Data Editor
    • Add search inside reults
  • Historic
    • List is limited to 2000 lines
  • Update manual

MyDB Studio is freeware ! (04/02/2005)
H2LSoft, Inc. (MySQL partner) announces MyDB studio as freeware. To benefit this special offer, you have just to register in the download page.

MyDB Studio 1.1.5 released ! (27/06/2004)


  • Add a Database Synchronisation to copy your database to a different host
  • Improve Export SQL, now you can split your data by bloc
  • Add explain in SELECT Wizard to improve your select query
  • Add option on close (minimize to tray or quit)
  • Add option load at statup

Bugs fixed

  • Data browser
    • char and varchar field now accepts CR caracter
    • navigation order

MyDB Studio 1.1 released ! (15/06/2004)


  • Add Table Doctor
  • Blob possess a text editor, rtf, html, an image viewer, a media viewer (son, video)
  • Add foreign key support
  • Now, foreign key are displayed in mysql Treeview
  • Add SSL support for connection
  • Add an option dialog (languge, parameter number of results in Data Browser,...)
  • Add user information email, description, information
  • You can create users with no privileges
  • Add refresh in Data Browser
  • Add export in CSV for results and info about server, db, table
  • Add print function to SQL editor
  • Improve Integrated Navigator add auto completion support
  • Add confirm dialog on export XML, RTF, EXCEL

Bugs fixed

  • Bug uninstallation
  • Bug syntax coloration of Sql Editor
  • Bug Image in Blob
  • Table Manager
    • Bug timestamp
    • Date,datetime,timestamp are initilized at local time
    • Improve query generated
  • Data Browser
    • Bug dialog resize
    • Bug update arrow for selection on update
    • Update table type position
  • API
    • Bug template PHP > Advanced > Select native

Version 1.0a released ! (13/05/2004)
  • Translation bugs fixed
  • Table Manager index in edition bug fixed
  • Improvement of Table Manager
  • Export big table is now possible (SQL,HTML,XML,CSV)
  • Check version url bug fixed

Version 1.0 released ! (10/05/2004)
Version 1.0 released !
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