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Last version : 1.3 

What is MyDB Studio ?

MyDB Studio is a complete collection of powerful tools for MySQL Server administration. Thanks to its simple Graphical User Interface (GUI), MyDB Studio will help you to :


 SSH tunneling to secure your connections which allows you to connect even your host doesn't allow you remote access connection new

 Admin privileges users with User Manager
 Reload Server
 Flush internal caches of MySQL uses
 View/Kill server process
 Export Server Variables in XML, Excel, Word, CSV

 Create/Modify/Delete Database
 Backup/Restore database
 Export Database Table info in XML, Excel, Word
 Synchronise your database

 Create/Modify/Delete Table with WYSIWYG support
 Support Foreign key
 Optimize Table with auto-detect support
 Repair your table with Table Doctor
 Import CSV file in table
 Export database
 Export Table Definitions in SQL,CSV,HTML, XML
 Manage Table Data with Data Browser
 Execute single/multiple query in a complete SQL editor
 Export Results in XML, Excel, Word, CSV
 Create instant Create query
 Create instant SELECT query
 Create WYSIWYG Select query for single/multiple table(s)
 Create Insert/Update query with Php support
 Create instant Delete query

 Create complete Php scripts
 Create your own template thanks to powerful language EMIC

 Search in MySQL manual with MyDB Studio Embed Browser
 Complete manual with link to MySQL online documentation

MyDB Studio Adobe AIR version coming soon !

Happy new year ! New version of MyDB Studioâ„¢ for MySQL is coming soon !

MyDB Studioâ„¢ was at The MySQL Users Conference 2005 at the Santa Clara Convention Center

MyDB Studio 1.3 released with SSH tunneling support !

MyDB Studio is freeware !

MyDB Studio 1.1.5 released !

MyDB Studio 1.1 released !

Version 1.0a released !

Version 1.0 released !

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